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Hua Dong 4 city straight Shuang Fei of a region of rivers and lakes of weather
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[The 5th day] market of old town god's temple, swing of comfort garden store samples Shanghai gust is fastfood eat: ?
Market of old town god's temple, swing of comfort garden store samples Shanghai gust is fastfood; Shop of visiting Shanghai local speciality, send a group, the end is happy and itinerary.
Charge includes:
[Between the hotel two-men standard that 1] makes by SamSung standard
[Trailer coach of 2] air conditioning
[3] 4 early 6
[4] place lists a tourist attraction the first entrance ticket
[5] excellent guidebook serves
Charge does not include:
[The eat that did not make clear in 1] journey
[2] at one's own expenses project
[Danger of 3] travel accident
[My company has 1] above stroke adjust below the circumstance that power is not reducing a tourist attraction visit order;
[2] cannot defy an element to cause a tourist attraction to cannot be visited because of the manpower such as weather, return the discount price entrance ticket of this company only, do not bear the loss that causes from this.
[3] abandons accommodation of tourist attraction have dinner waiting of one's own accord like the guest, its charge is returned by price of travel agent discount except entrance ticket outside, the others is not retreated;
[Testimony of 4] hold officer, from emeritus card, senile card, if the person join a group such as tourist guide card encounters place to hold certificate entrance ticket to have privilege, return entrance ticket by price of travel agent discount, but must fill neat quote provides for oneself mediumly tourist attraction charge (without favourable) ;
[5] . Children price: Contain car of eat, place; 6. Odd male single female want filling room difference: Allow 50 yuan 2 / person / late, allow 60 yuan 3 / person / late
[6] enters ahead of schedule or delay need to fill medicinal powder guest room is poor: Allow 140 yuan 2 / / day, allow 180 yuan 3 / / day; Shift to an earlier date to reach delay all do not contain receive send a car; .
[7] asks a guest to fill in seriously feedback of travel agent opinion is only, my company processing is complained it is by guest opinion sheet accurate.

Quote explains:
NO. Summary quotation period of efficacy of cash pledge of person house price
1580 240 0 2007-10-10 of 1 adult price comes 2008-10-30 (give a group Saturday effective)

Give round plan:
Round date of date giving a group consults quote advances subscription can order a number

[1] seeks advice, sign up can contact with around sale retail sales: Beijing area sells retail sales list
[2] also can contact with Kang Hui total company: Guo Lixia (65877517, 65877526) (Beijing faces south area farming extends the way austral the house large building of 5 Beijing government)

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