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Hua Dong 4 city straight Shuang Fei of a region of rivers and lakes of weather
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[The 1st day] seize the opportunity to head for Nanjing eat: / / live late: Nanjing
Nanjing is gone to before Beijing capital airport sets out, receive a group, visit area of scene of river of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, ramble master shrine market, the tourist can sample freely midday Nanjing various gust is fastfood; Ascend the Yangtse River afternoon first floor- - read river building; Look down at big bridge of the Yangtse River with vast mist-covered water, overlook Nanjing the Yangtse River; Scene of lake of car Youxuan fierce, watch relics of bright city wall; Car You Wanqing government office of two rivers governor - presidential government office (entrance ticket provides for oneself - 40 yuan of) , late tourist but at one's own expenses noctivagant Qianlong make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital - look up garden (article Nanjing rain scented tea, admire Changjiang Delta dim light of night) .
[The 2nd day] visit day of eye lake eat: Reins? lives: Without stannum
Lake of eye of weather of beautiful water of BUS/ Changjiang Delta (this tourist attraction goes to need, need 110 yuan to pay a tourist guide now / person) , the scene of say weather eye lake that can visit the " of elfland of green of beautiful " " that has Jiangsu of " " of bright phearl of " Changjiang Delta area: Throughout the country of view of area of scene of the hill in the lake's only pavilion that gives priority to a problem in order to publicize culture of Number One Scholar - cabinet of Number One Scholar, visit day of eye lake Yuan Guanlong to promote an island by ship; Visit rural area rural scene area, the ancients mill, courtyard of wife and children of Changjiang Delta farming, participate in farming agrarian farming make car of general check, tread water, turn stone mill; BUS/ does not have stannum, give gust food - - arenaceous boiler of head of fish of weather eye lake.
[The 3rd day] visit eat of city of waterside of water of town of the Three Kingdoms: Reins? lives: Suzhou
Visit a CCTV too base of lake movie and TV - city of the Three Kingdoms, water waterside city (this pair of cities go to need tourist attraction, need 105 yuan to pay a tourist guide now / person) , watch by archaize warship too lake scene, admire violet arenaceous crock art; BUS/ Suzhou, visit temple of cold hill of Suzhou chiliad ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes, can knock bell pray blessing at one's own expenses, bell noise, irritated do Qing Dynasty, wisdom long, bodhi is unripe, visiting pearl house;
[The 4th day] visit straight eat: Early in / live: Shanghai
The home town of contented of emperor of BUS/ China writer, educationist leaf- - Changjiang Delta a region of rivers and lakes is straight (entrance ticket provides for oneself) , visit the 10 thousand Cheng Mihang, Shen Zhai, temples that protect emperor. BUS/ Shanghai, car You Napu is big the bridge, pudong new developed area, oriental bright phearl reachs a scene shot on location of Jin Mao edifice; Visit 10 thousand countries the building reads extensively group - outside beach, road of new world Nanjing swing, late tourist can ascend a tower at one's own expenses and admire Shanghai attractive night scene by riverside river yacht;
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