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Shuang Fei of hot spring of island of Xiamen strike wave 3 days of leisurely swi
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The 1st day: The littoral city of the good name that Guangzhou flies to element to have ” of ” of “ maritime garden, “ maritime bright phearl by the airliner - Xiamen (fly about 1 hour) . The first ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes austral Fujian visits after arriving at: South general Tuo temple (visit about 1 hour) , the location outside Xiamen university (the car swims about 10 minutes) , the annulus island road of scene charming and gentle (the car swims about 30 minutes) : Experience " east the glamour of Hawaiian " . Dinner samples eat of flavour of Fujian south wind.
Accommodation: Big public house of bliss Dai Si or with class

The 2nd day: After breakfast, the say —— that reads extensively toward foreign building before rouses billow island, go up in island bosomy billow, between seaside, hill, the exquisite of door window …… of the yard that alley does …… of ……… tweedle, rumour, voice to tumble down, Hua Fan restores ancient ways what all these below sunshine of flower of small courtyard …… , grass, arboreous …… cheated a warmth is bright. Move back and forth in the eternity that spatio-temporal stagger feels time in alley lane you, as if those who feel all these resembles camphor is sweet, sweet and reliable. The Ou Liu on appreciation islands is built group, from island of 19 centuries middle period the consulate of numerous country is built on, the years of vicissitudes of life that experiences island bosomy billow. Here, you can spend time to sample more on the island famous fastfood, (be like: 1, in bibcock road 143, one is called house of cake of drive of BABYCAT illicit home, the thing of inn of this wife and children is made according to sterling and vintage manual practice, wait for all sorts of pasty by gram, green tea, pumpkin, still Ao Erliang bakes wing, arctic glow, France much person etc fastfood and coffee drink, suit small sit. 2, bibcock road inn of 183 fish bolus, this piscine ball that makes a skin with shark flesh is particularly delicious. 3, bibcock road 242 100 sweet the sanded tea face that feeds lane not only delicious, the characteristic that also is Fujian. Return those who have street side to be located in bibcock of course the corner other Lu Xinhua bookshop has Ci of famous hemp of foliaceous family name also is famous. Still beef of soup of aspic of what bamboo shoot, earthnut, bittern can let your one full the luck to eat sth delicious etc) . Car of the drive after dinner returns a public house.
Accommodation: Life cereal hotel or with class

The 3rd day: After breakfast, it is languid lazy beginning of a day, visit park of theme of life cereal hot spring, water of “ hot spring is slippery wash coagulate fat ” you are OK to the top of one's bent free bubble differs 72 kinds the hot spring of the style, be like: Arenaceous spring of spring of red wine spring, milk spring, petaline spring, happy and carefree, flag spring, mine; (park of theme of hot spring of Xiamen life cereal is the Fujian Province is offerred first times delicate and recreational hot spring of enjoyed gardens type open air. In the southeast Asia of full-bodied enthusiasm exotic amorous feelings falls, you can choose scene the bubble of pool of hot spring swimming of each different is delighted along with sexual ground. The spring that add flavor lets you enjoy the milk bubble bath that also defies hard after Egypt is colourful; What petaline spring holds the post of you to hear 100 flowers is sweet, drunk enter bath like that; Spring of a book on Chinese medicine raises a body with circulating the dipping 5000 is you; Flag hot spring lets you enjoy the effect of the easy body of tepid marble. Anyhow, be in the each place of life cereal, let your mood small dance with sth in one's hands fly upwards! ) . Take an airliner to return the Guangzhou, stay away from home that ends happy Xiamen!
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