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Shanghai sets out: Noise made in coughing or vomiting of Tibetan Lhasa day crite
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Journey characteristic
The cradle that hides a nation and culture birthplace are south hill, the numerous worthy on Tibetan history is born here, what she gave the culture of elegant rice huller with colorful magnificent and Tibetan history to go up with the heart with big gain and creation of intelligence an wisdom is numerous the first. This circuitry but the You Jiang of special arrangement elegant Lu Bujiang, seaborne, can view and admire Tibet again temple of the first Buddha, law, Seng Sanbao's all ready Sang Ye of Buddhist temple — ; Tibet saves the most large-scale Wang Ling — that come down to hide king grave. Yong Bu of — of the first palace pulls Tibet health.

Tourism travel
The first day: Shanghai — Lhasa (do not contain lunch and dinner)
Head for Shanghai airport by oneself, multiply Lhasa of morning shift machine, accept urban district of the Lhasa after machine by local tourist guide. airport hypo makes an appointment with Lhasa tribute 3000 meters, after giving the airport, highway along the Brahmaputra refluent and go up, wear Yuexi to hide one of 3 big barn Brahmaputra river valley, the big Buddha that is being engraved at 11 centuries in road jockeys take a picture, appreciate view of airport road scene, river of Brahmaputra, Lhasa on the way, arrive at Lhasa, send guesthouse, oneself reach dinner in guesthouse or around arrangement lunch, to get used to local climate and environment, best afternoon adaptability rests, if do not have unwell, can go into the street late experience Lhasa night scene (but should notice) of not violent campaign, old Lhasa city. (without Lhasa is gone to before be being accompanied completely, but local tourist guide can be received in the airport machine)
The following day: Inside Lhasa city one day swims
Inside Lhasa city main tourist attraction: The Potala Palace (entrance ticket 200) , Luobulinka (60 yuan) , big clear temple (70 yuan) , temple of anise street, small clear (25 yuan) , sagacious mussel temple (55 yuan) , salad temple (55 yuan of) , basically visit country fair of temple of the Potala Palace, big clear, anise. Old Lhasa city.
Special clew: If you are not to be very interested to Tibetian cloister, the excursion that suggests you have a choice a cloister can, other cloister can be illuminated outside resemble commemorating can, but anise street must be visited well, resembling is to ramble the shopping mall market of Tibetian is same, can shop to the top of one's bent, experience Tibetian amorous feelings
The 3rd day: Lhasa criterion of a day of noise made in coughing or vomiting (380 axiom left and right sides)
Breakfast hind multiplies car edge Lhasa- - day noise made in coughing or vomiting is gone to before boreal line criterion of day of noise made in coughing or vomiting, view and admire hillock on the way Yong Hu of eminent of sheep of lake of Ba Lashan scene, emperor (entrance ticket provides for oneself 40 yuan) , noise made in coughing or vomiting of Ka Rela glacier, day criterion Campagna; Noise made in coughing or vomiting of Tibetan city day is headed for later criterion, visit Panchen place where troops are stationed- - plunge into temple of cloth of assorted human relations, if do not have interest to be able to be in,accept as a souvenir takes a picture before cloister door, head for Panchen make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital, but can glance in gate mouth only (did not open cannot enter) , before door of make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital, have the recreational place with distinctive Tibet---Lin Ka,
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