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Luoyang admires the beauty of flowers " peony king " , Shuang Fei of city of the
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[The 1st day] city of Beijing — carry lives: Carry city
Beijing flies by plane carry city, receive machine, enter a public house
[The 2nd day] city of carry of — of Luoyang of carry city — lives: Carry city
Go to Henan Luoyang early by the car, visit world culture bequest - the Longmen Grottoes (80 yuan / person guest provides for oneself) , view and admire peony flower
[The 3rd day] Beijing of carry city —
The black mud with magical experience of saline of city of carry of the Dead Sea of the China after breakfast washs bath, brine to float (138 entrance ticket provide for oneself) , multiply CA1140/21: 15 flying Beijing, 22: 35 touch Beijing
Charge includes:
Plane going there and back (contain the airport to build cost and fuel tax) , the accommodation between SamSung or standard of the two-men that be the same as class 2 evening, have dinner ticket of gate of path of trailer coach of air conditioning of 2 early, place, tourist attraction head
Charge does not include:
Travel accident insurance (10 yuan / person, keep the specified number 200 thousand yuan / person) , single room is differred (the room differs 160 yuan / person) , brine of black mud bath floats charge provides for oneself 138 yuan, the Longmen Grottoes (80 yuan / person guest provides for oneself) , prandial food expenses, whole journey is accompanied, at one's own expenses consumption of project, individual and
[1] my company has authority basis to go back and forth between number / the number is different the order that reachs local situation to adjust the journey, but make sure the standard is changeless, do not reduce a tourist attraction.
[If 2] encounters national policy sex to move the manpower such as valence and weather, natural disaster to cannot defy the place such as the incur loss through delay that the element causes, change to produce charge to be assumed by guest proper motion.
[3] housing does not have natural cell, be like occurrence sheet male, sheet daughter, fill to hand in a room to differ or live by the regulation please 3 worlds.
[4] asks swimsuit of provide for oneself, swim cap
[5] seeks advice from a hot line: South 65063790/65877521/22/7523/7524 Zhang Wei, Wang Jia, Hu Xiao high mountain, Zhao Nan

Quote explains:
NO. Summary quotation period of efficacy of cash pledge of person house price
1150 160 0 2008-03-01 of 1 adult price comes 2008-12-31 (Zhou Wu gives a group effective)

Give round plan:
Round date of date giving a group consults quote advances subscription can order a number

[1] seeks advice, sign up can contact with around sale retail sales: Beijing area sells retail sales list
[2] also can contact with Kang Hui total company: Zhang Wei (65877522, 65063790) (Beijing faces south area farming extends the way austral the house large building of 5 Beijing government)

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