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Beijing arrives Ming Sike airline ticket | Beijing comes Ming Sike airline ticke
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Boat type: Economy
One-way price: ¥ : 3480 RMB
Price going there and back: ¥ : 4290 RMB
Infantile price: 10% of adult price
Children price: 75% of par value
Free baggage: 23 kilograms (student report ask)
Airline: Along with check
Regulation of change the date: With airline the regulation is accurate
Weekly airliner: With customer service member the introduction is accurate
Keep time: With the passenger itinerary deadline is accurate
Dial please: Expert of 010-51651804 multi-line customer service is received listen
Beijing does not contain duty to expend to price of airline ticket of Ming Sike special offer, with RMB settle accounts, airline ticket is very popular Oh!
We the price with lowest, the most enthusiastic service will satisfy the requirement that the passenger raises. Was opposite,
We still offer city for the passenger inside send a bill freely Oh! The ticket arrives pay, when letting you save | Save labour | Save worry
| More Shu Xin. Let you can buy ticket of plane of Ming Sike international in the home.