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Quzhou fly to Beijing ticket as low as three Sizhe
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"Take-off from Hangzhou to Beijing ticket, even hit a break, as long as 120 yuan (Note: not including airport construction fee and fuel surcharge)." Yesterday at noon, the city Yip surprise telephone call to reporters.

Yesterday afternoon, reporters visit several large ticketing site and found that fly to Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and other domestic flights, two discount ticket is very popular, there are also several hundred dollars of international air tickets ultra-low prices.

"1 fold, 1.5 fold, this should be the lowest in history. In the past, in exceptional circumstances, had to buy tickets over about 2 fold. But this year's fare, it is too low." Yip often run in the field, she said discount tickets at the scene that met or less.

Reporter then check for 11 months and 12 months of ticket prices and trends, found that China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines and many other large airlines, have a break, 1.2,1.3 promotional discount discount air tickets. In the current long period of time, tickets still remain at this lower price point. Example, before December 31, Hangzhou and Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an and other routes, several airlines have emerged in discount price of 2.

Yesterday afternoon, a reporter called to inquire the city civil aviation ticket office, a ticketing officer told reporters after the inquiry, now go to Beijing to set the city to three Sizhe ticket, and in the past, the minimum discount is 6 fold. "Price is the lower of the beginning of this month, the team will be even lower."

And a professional analysis of the aviation market into the off-season in November, the airline will choose to promotions, to ensure attendance. However, this year the global financial crisis, the civil aviation market downturn. Promotional efforts of airlines to be larger than last year.

But reporters also found that these special ticket discount is mainly concentrated in the morning and evening flights in flights, and fares floating fast. 14:00, press inquiries on the 27th flight to Beijing, Hangzhou, there is a discount ticket, half an hour after the adjustment for the 3 fold.

"Airlines will be the case based on attendance, at any time adjust the discount. Once the attendance increased, the discount immediately to increase the special fares." Ticket who is familiar with the source, if you want to buy ultra-cheap flights, Book a week or two weeks ahead of the best. And some sites, 1 month in advance reservations, passengers can get a discount ticket.