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Serious "super sales" have tickets but no seat more than 30 passengers denied
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Yesterday morning, Shenzhen to Sanya, Hainan Airlines HU 7325 flight departure, more than 30 passengers who had tickets because of "aircraft did not place the" denied boarding, and because "today and tomorrow, Sanya, Shenzhen flights fly full" , denied boarding passengers can not be endorsed to other flights. Hainan Airlines Shenzhen Airport service representative said that the temporary replacement of more than 30 seat aircraft caused overflow. Refund claim made the passengers, but the naval area no clear answer. Passengers: There are denied boarding ticket 10 o'clock yesterday morning, Miss Wang, the company's deep industry and other 13 colleagues to Shenzhen Airport, ready to take the Hainan Airlines HU 7325 flight to Sanya training, in exchange for boarding pass, the staff can not be said for boarding the aircraft has been full "no place was." Airlines sell tickets, how would not seat? Wang line of 13 people with luggage to the business department of Hainan Airlines, Shenzhen airport to say, it ran the 14 passengers the same experience. The 14 passengers is a power company employee, at 3 pm to rush to a meeting in Sanya, and Wang, like them, "bought a ticket back to the being told 'no seat'! Actually did not expect the airlines to sell more dozens of tickets. "and go to Sanya, Hainan Airlines can not be altered tickets flights that day, they miss the meeting. Thus, the loss to the company not just the airline tickets back and forth. Wang said the company's deep industry, companies engaged in training in Sanya, last week we booked through formal channels of Hainan Airlines flights, 13 were from the total price of more than 60,000 votes, and booked a hotel in Sanya, has paid over 40,000 yuan of deposit. Communication between the staff and Hainan Airlines, the Hainan Airlines, said 11 pm and endorse the ticket to the sea, then by bus from Haikou to Sanya. "Early the next morning to get to Sanya, on training day only, so that there is no need to go to Sanya." HNA: Temporary change caused by aircraft seating less than 30 Southern reporter on the scene saw more than 30 passengers around the Hainan Airlines, Shenzhen Airport Office emotional. Hainan Airlines, Shenzhen airport services on behalf of Mr. Xu said, because the company changed the HU7325 temporary flight models, resulting in more than 30 seats spill, which occurred over ticket sales, ticket agents and more, failed to timely notify passengers. Passenger complaints received, they also wanted to give up passenger flights 改签, but "today and tomorrow to go to Sanya flights are full members of the" can only be altered tickets for passengers flights to Haikou. Challenge facing the passengers, Mr. Xu said, "sold more than 30 seats over, temporary change models, we are also very surprised." He said the passengers did not want to refund 改签 sea, but overbooking compensation to be led by the company to set the compensation amount not being released. Airport: 30 overbooking rare tickets Shenzhen airport official said, the "super-ticket sales," the airport will coordinate the airline properly resolved, but over more than 30 tickets sold is still relatively rare. The delayed passengers that the airline overbooking ticket passengers violated the legitimate rights and interests. Currently, the airline overbooking to conduct secret operations with an obvious fraud suspect. Wenzhou has been out of the country's first "super-sale tickets," tickets Shenzhen Airlines will be developed in 2007 stipulates that the encounter "overbooking ticket" to compensate passengers, the minimum amount of compensation is 200 yuan. In November of this year, Trade and Industry Branch Longwan out the country's first "super-sale ticket," ticket, this ticket is not recognized overbooking is a fraud, Aviation Services Ltd of Guangdong over a sale of two tickets fined 5,000 yuan.