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Po net year-end consumer groups to force back home for Spring Festival ticket d
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December 6, the largest group Po net buy site launched the "Spring Festival FREE ticket to go home," sweepstakes, events soon as he launched the blitz by the majority of users, more users, said the move was made microblogging "site best buy this year to the power of drawing!. " Spring wedding day, family reunion is out working hard every wish of the largest users, but many users are often faced with difficult to get a ticket home for Spring Festival of the problems. Mission Po network launch of the "free to send tickets home for Spring Festival" activities, causing a large number of users of the resonance. Users have said that the lottery corporation Po network users are close to life, is the best site to buy this year's drawing power. It is understood that friends can participate in this sweepstakes, groups the majority of users will eventually Po network sent 10 home for Spring Festival ticket. In this regard, Mission Bao Ren Chunlei, CEO said: "The group has been closely Po net the vital interests of consumers, provide consumers with the most close to the life of the products and services. It is now the Spring Festival Chinese New Year less than 2 months to organize The lucky draw consumers back to long-term support, so that consumers have the opportunity to fly home New Year free of charge. " Insiders pointed out that often engage in with other gimmicks buy different sites, both groups pre-Po network launched "at any time back" service is now launched the "Spring Festival get free tickets to go home" activities, are more concerned about the immediate interests of consumers and reality demand, reflecting the group Po network to provide consumers the best products and services, and pragmatic philosophy. It is reported that Mission Po network ( on-line since March, has been leading the domestic buy site has 325 cities across the country, is the largest buy website, has launched the "Xianxingpeifu commitment", "triple Service Assurance "and the global devaluation of the" time out "barrier-free refund, buy domestic companies establish service benchmarks.