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With tickets to pay for the bus to the airport Yunguan Chu said the operating
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Going to the airport to catch a plane, then if your car door, also free to the airport, which is really super-VIP to enjoy. There is a company in Hefei want to try to provide such services, provided in the company's purchase of machine Votes. Speculation or services a company intends to push the "free lunch" If you've been flying field, you will find, from the urban areas such as Hefei, so close to the airport really is rare. Also if a taxi near 10 dollars, well, then about 30 yuan also. If you have time, take a Money from the Hefei Railway Station take bus 11, also about an hour to the airport. For most of Hefei to fat people or customers, in addition to the airport to send his car outside, is nothing more than a taxi or take the bus. In the field, most of the city's airport are very far from the city. Frequently need to taxi on the hundred dollars, most of the passengers generally choose take the airport bus, the fare is generally 20 yuan / person. Although convenient to the airport in Hefei people, but sometimes taxis do not wait until very worried. Many people interviewed said that if there is a car to door, but also free, which sounded very good. Two days ago, one claiming to be head of the department of a company initiative to find a reporter, saying the company has launched a scheme, if members of the public to the designated place to buy tickets, not only for free home delivery, will be distributed free of charge Cars door take you to the airport. But now faced a dilemma, not for trading cards, Hefei Yunguan Chu said that the law can not give them qualitative, so to reporters for help. Plan appears to be very convenience of the public, but will not be as Hefei, community bus, as the voice of the people before the opening of pricey, but the actual opening of it is Game No One Played it? May be "superfluous" delicious crab, "the exit" very difficult to "The status quo is Hefei airport from the city is very close, there is no reason why is because people do not need the airport bus to the airport bus, taxis are available to meet travel demand of the." 25 afternoon, the city is responsible Yunguan Chu Person in charge of a passenger to do that can not give its operating certificate: "This type of car, taxi or What kind of calculation? It features basically similar with the taxi, but the current number of taxis in Hefei has been able to meet the travel needs . " "Buy air tickets in their designated areas to enjoy this service sounds good." Hefei to lodge a civil one question: If a passenger to door to Luogang Airport, round-trip cost of up to more than one hundred yuan . However, if this enterprise is a fancy way of the future bridge the huge airport source, then he must send the customer a trip to and from the estimated fare nearly 200 yuan, 50 times a day to send, just on the last fare million, businesses can not Do lose money. Will not "fleece"? The Civil Aviation who were also put forward another question: If the traffic small, come to meet our guests really can be done; but if a large passenger flow, the enterprise using a car, Press Passengers to the airport when you are not guaranteed. Civil Aviation Airport Group chairman Jiang Province thick jade that at present the airport is very convenient Hefei, the next move to bridge the airport, the further away, the airport group will be based on the requirements of the provincial government opened the Airport Express Line. In addition, Provincial Civil Aviation Airport Group is now the city is trying to build off-site terminal, structural integration, sea and air transport network is to facilitate the public to spend very little money quickly arrive at the airport. It is reported that, Hefei will direct the future of new subway Bridge Airport.