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Boeing plane model why with 7 begin?
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The plane of Boeing why with 7 begin? The plane of empty guest why with 3 begin?

Boeing 707 it is generation jet-propelled plane of American, "707 " the origin of the name is pure belong to accidental.
On July 15, 1954, on the congratulatory meeting that holds water 38 years in Boeing company, the trial flight of plane of the first jet-propelled of American that this company makes is successful. Plane of this new-style jet-propelled is in (original) when considering, it is the wing of orthogonal isosceles triangle. Namely the Yu Xian of 45 is 0.707.
Next just book of certificate of proof is 00707~ names the plane so other for 707~ down went down, just 717 it is exceptional.
717 it is the military plan that 60 time should produce originally, overlooked what reason later, empty come out, from 707 jump to 727 directly. Buy Mai Daohou till Boeing of the later period in 90 time, md95 incognito 717 roll out the market. " .
Be in the United States " 7 " it is a lucky number, accordingly, boeing company decides with " 707 " the code name that regards the first jet-propelled as the plane, later with " 727 " , " 737 " , " 747 " , " 757 " , " 767 " , "777" , "787" names the type later.

And the plane of empty guest why with 3 begin? The first type because of empty guest is 300, the design at that time carries passenger capacity is 300 people, this is plane of the first kind of Shuang Fakuan system. Empty later guest was developed again on the foundation of 300 310, after this formed a convention, all planes all name with 3xx, be like 319, 320, 321, 330, 340, 380, 350. Among them 380 to highlight its of the product span sexual criterion did not weave by order.

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