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Take the basic common sense of domestic airlines
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Take domestic course: The passenger of first-class stateroom cabin that holds adult or children passenger ticket is 40 kilograms, official cabin passenger is 30 kilograms, tourist class passenger is 20 kilograms. If exceed this weight,should pay fee.

Combustible explode easily article, can be not carried and mordant article is consigned
The kindling such as lighter of newest regulation match can be not carried, also can not consign.
Cutting tool must be consigned.
Sparge prevent bask in frost to also can be taken, but the sheet that exceeds 100ML capacity must be consigned.
Present regulation is, odd the capacity does not exceed 100ML, gross does not exceed the liquid state article of 1L, can put in transparent bag to be carried board a plane.

Telescopic, with Mp3, these can take jewelry, you can be taken, compare safety so
Metallic thing, it is OK to want you to be put in the bag that scans too when installing check too only, it is OK to be not being taken. Do not worry. I fly to what take a few days ago.