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Boeing 757 and 747 which more advanced
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747 it is plane of wide system of the first double passageway, 4 hair, the whole tourist class of 747-400 can hold more than 400 people, it is one of planes that produce the biggest effect to civil aviation, applied range is quite wide, besides civil, for military use, still have " of well-known " aircraftman date, in empty guest 380 before coming out, it is gigantic all the time without bully.
757 it is only channel narrow system plane, double hair, 757-300 can be accommodated most 289 people, plant with the 747 machine that are not a type.
747 begin to develop from August 1965, trial flight of archetypal in Feburary 1969 plane, in January 1970 first Boeing 747 deliver to Pan American airline to throw line operation.
In 20 centuries 70 time metaphase, boeing decides to develop 200 class new model in order to replace Boeing 707, Boeing 727, first name is 7N7(N: ?979 of foal of  of  ㄒ rudder year started 7N7 formally in March to develop a plan, 1979 end, 7N7 is formal more the name is Boeing 757.
Because manufacturing times is different, 757 want in a lot of places a few more advanced, but from the position for 747 cannot be likened to!