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Airliner of white cloud airport inquires
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Inquiry of airliner of white cloud airport is ascended please


According to of Inc. of Guangzhou Bai Yun International Airport " company law of People's Republic of China " with other concerned provision,

Via approval of commission of trade of economy of People's Republic of China, held water in order to initiate kind on September 19, 2000.

Civil aviaton of airline of company of group of management of Guangdong province airport, China International, China builds head office,

Guangzhou traffic invests limited company to be initiator, guangdong saves company of airport management group to hold the share of 96 % .

Joint-stock company registers capital RMB 1 billion yuan.

The company issued 400 million publicly on April 28, 2003 current hang out his shingle in Shanghai stock exchange appear on the market

(negotiable securities code 600004) .
Joint-stock company saves the composition of high grade asset of company of airport management group by Guangdong, it is the professional corporation of management airport,

The company achieved gross earnings 2005 2.149 billion yuan, implementation profit total 399 million yuan.

Joint-stock company sets 18 8 function branch, professional branch (child) company, for airline, passenger,

Consignor provides multivariate and relevant service, basically include aviation ground to ensure course of study, aviation to carry service line of business,

Aviation guard job, await machine building property, await course of study of machine building business, meal, advertising, equipment to safeguard course of study to wait,

The company shares employee 9000 much people.

The passenger lives harbor service; Offer carry the ground that concern to serve with aviation; Traffic carries service, storage service;

Provide aviation business room; Aerostat is maintained (manage by intelligence letter) ; Aviation lash-up helps aid service; Aviation safety checks a service;

Aviation representative business; Business of aviation insurance representative; Aviation carries technical efforts medium to serve; Aviation information seeks advice from a service;

Car and Electromechanical equipment maintain business; Manage or the commercial place such as rental office building
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