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China has homebred plane, can build Boeing such 747 planes
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In homebred plane of China, with " carry " of word nob is conveyor, compare among them famous is carry 7 propeller-driven aircrafts, reach its to derive Pin Xinzhou 60, china once visited American Boeing in 80 time 707 planes are made gave movement 10 planes, but because base is too backward and comprehensive national power, the many sided element such as operation cost, carry 10 plans must cancel finally.
Before paragraph time, chinese own development reported to give ARJ21 of plane of 70 class branch line in news, but I think this is not own research and development, because most the technology of core, for instance appearance dial, engine, we are complete entrances.
Can build at present piece like Boeing the company of such 747 wide system planes, the whole world has 6 only, the Boeing that is the United States respectively, wheat (already 1997 by Boeing annex) , Losk Heed (because engine noise is too big, after producing 26 only stop production) ; French airbus; The Tuboliefu of Russia, Yiliushen (because oily cost is high, did not use electronic appearance dial at the same time, these two companies already were changed by the brim) .