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Aviation journey is common problem interlocution
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, aviation journey is common problem interlocution

•Of the online airline ticket that order what problem should note? The note of the online airline ticket that order:
- the passenger buys a ticket to must be abided by on the net " law of civil aviation of People's Republic of China " , each regulation of the regulation of domestic passenger transport that civil aviaton total bureau issues and airline about passenger transportation.
- special fare (include important passenger, injury passenger, pregnant woman, wait without adult company children) , concern special service formalities because of needing to deal with, reason cannot buy a ticket on the net. If have the undesirable consequence that disobey and produces, conceited.
- the regulation of the effective certificate that the passenger should abide by a government strictly to concern a branch to need to taking place of civil aviaton flight, the accuracy that assures passenger identity document and require viatic certificate, lawful sex and effectiveness, because of,be like this kind of problem
The consequence of generation is assumed by the passenger.
- the fare that buys couplet Cheng airline ticket must make sure a favourable turn joins time not less than 3 hours.
- the passenger should press a regulation at least 30 minutes to do appropriate to seize the opportunity before the airliner takes off formalities.
- if the passenger lost buys airline ticket, the concerned regulation of the " of " passenger notice that promulgates by airline is dealt with.
- by accident if machine and return a ticket buy ticket hind to did not catch a scheduled flight, can press each airline about by accident the regulation of machine makes freewill return a ticket and autograph turn processing. If require return a ticket,buy ticket hind, the regulation of the " of " passenger notice that promulgates by airline deals with return a ticket. •If want to cancel or revise airline ticket to book, how should undertake? You can dial book a hot line: 020-38376313 or the demand that scale Http:// to tell us you, undertake cancelling order to giving the order of the ticket or amend airline ticket information not collection charge; The order that has given a bill asks to cancel or revise airline ticket information to meet the return a ticket that differs according to the formulary collection of each airline or charge changing a label. •How to buy special offer airline ticket? Please at any time advertent our home and page of international indulgence airline ticket, we roll out the special offer airline ticket of a few course can nonskedly. Because the seat of these special offer airline ticket is finite, it is to follow so order along with carry out, do not get obligate; Additional, special offer airline ticket has strict limitative requirement, turn to do not get a lot commonly, must not change, do not get return a ticket, after deciding please, buy as soon as possible. •What certificate to need when buying airline ticket? Chinese passenger buys a ticket, must offer him dweller id card, fill in " the passenger decides a sheet " ; Foreign tourist, overseas Chinese, harbor, bay, comptatriots of Taiwan buys a ticket. Must show valid passport, card of return to one's native place, card of comptatriots of Taiwan, resident card, the other that viatic card or public security mechanism produce is effective identity document, fill in " the passenger decides a sheet " . Buy children ticket (two one full year of life - 12 one full year of life) , infantile ticket (less than of two one full year of life) , should offer the valid proof of birth date of children, baby.
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